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Go BIG or go home! Our show-stopping helium-filled 3-ft Luxe Jumbo  always delivers the WOW factor!


Personalized Bridal Shower Jumbo with Short

Balloon Color
  • How Do They Arrive & What's Their Size?

    Our Luxe Jumbo party balloons are 3-foot in diameter, arriving weighted  and with standard 2ft tassel. with or without vinyl

    How Long Do They Last?

    We treat all our helium filled balloons with Hi - Float, this adds extra hours to their float time. The float time for our  Luxe Jumbo balloons  varies but typically get the best quality between  24 - 48hours. They have being know to last for up to 2 weeks.

    You will start noticing wrinkles to the personalized message(vinly) after 48hrs.

    Latex balloons begin to oxidize once they're been inflated and over time will end up going cloudy, therefore we recommend collecting your balloon as close to when it'll be needed.

    Veiw our FAQ for more info.

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