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  • What areas do you service?
    As a Harris County, Texas based company, we serve all of Houston and surrounding zip codes up to 70 miles. Calculate delivery fees here
  • How do I place an order?
    Simply visit our Contact page and complete the applicable contact form. Once we recieve your request, you'll recieve an email to schedule a discovery call with us. A quote or proposal will be prepared and sent via email with steps to secure your event with us. You can also visit our shop to place ready to go orders that can be picked up or delivered.
  • How Far in advance should I book?
    To avoid disappointment of not having your event date or items available , we suggest you contact us once you have secured your venue or at least 2 weeks prior to event date.
  • Which payment methods do you accept?
    Once your order is finalized, an invoice is emailed. Payment can be made as follows: FOR INDIVIDUALS - The 50% deposit can be made online via credit/debit card. We are able to accept other forms of payment like Zelle Transfer, Venmo, Cashapp, Apple pay upon request. A signed service agreement is required to secure your reservation for installation services that includes rental. The balance is payable no later than the 7 days before your event or day of if paying in cash. FOR SCHOOLS, NON-PROFITS, AND CORPORATIONS,We accept Credit/Debit, we understand a check may need to be processed for payment. If a payment cannot be made before the event date, a signed contract will be required
  • What's your refund and cancellation policy?
    Client maintains the right to cancel at any time before the delivery or event date whichever come first date however, a cancellation fee will apply. Refunds will be calculated based on items purchased specifically for your event (including but not limited to custom balloons or accessories if applicable) as well as accumulated time invested in your event (including but limited to the site visit, etc.). Refunds must be requested in writing by email ONLY and will be processed within 14 business days from the time of receipt of the request. Refunds total will be considered as follows: The Service Retainer is non-refundable, but can be transferred to another agreed future date. Refunds requested more than 3 weeks to the event: total monies paid minus retainer. Refunds requested less than 3 weeks to the event: a maximum of 50% of the total balance is refundable. No refund will be made after delivery has been made or accepted. Please refer to our terms of service and contract for more information
  • How do I reserve a date?
    A non refundable 50% service retainer is required for your date to be reserved. A signed service agreement is required for all rentals items to secure your reservation. The balance is payable no later than the 7 days before your event or day of if paying in cash.
  • Can you do an onsite/ in person visit?
    Yes, we can provide an onsite consultation for a $50 per visit. This fee is applied to your final invoice when you book your event with us. You can also take pictures, video and measurements and email or text them to us at no cost.
  • How much do Balloons Installations Cost?
    It varies depending on the volume and complexity of your request. Our installation decor order minimum is $250. We offer pickups for order under $250. As a guideline a typical kids party ranges from $500 to $1500 and a large corporate event can be upwards of $5,000. Check out our Balloon Price Guide for some basic prices including individual items and package deals.
  • Why is there a delivery, setup and take down fee?"
    We deliver Houston and all surrounding zip codes up to 70 miles of 77388 (see Map below).Our delivery charge depends on the location of the event and starts at $20. While most decor items includes a standard setup fee, a separate set up fee may be charge depending on the complexity of the installation and where special rigging, framework or equipment is required. A take down is when we return and remove the decor (pop, pop, pop) and retrieve our equipment, this is not required for all decor items.
  • How long do balloons last?
    INDOOR - Many air filled balloon designs can last weeks indoors! The longevity of the balloons will depend on the environmental conditions of the space. All of our helium balloons will float for at least 2 days if indoors, but typically much longer! OUTDOOR - We cannot guarantee that balloons will last any specific amount of time when used outdoor. The sun, heat, wind, rain, etc., affects the lifespan of the balloons.
  • Can I provide my own balloons?
    Unfortunately, we are not accepting balloons provided by the clients as we cannot guarantee their quality.
  • Do you offer pick up service?
    Yes, we do. My pick up options are know as Luxe - to - Go. We are currently located in Spring, Tx and we offer a curbside pick up for all our luxe to go options. Please come with an SUV with seats down. and nothing in the car. We will load up your car on arrival and provide installation instruction. If you are picking up day before, please place balloons inside until your party.
  • How do I install my Luxe - to - go garlands?
    We provide 2 tying points and command hooks with instruction on how to install. Removable Command hooks can be easily removed by pulling the adhesive tab downwards. Please make sure you do this slowly so that the tab comes off in one piece, as improper removal may cause damage to your wall such as paint peeling etc. No liability will be taken should this happen. Our garlands are built sturdily and when taken proper care they last for a while. We are not resposible for any damage to the structure of the garland or popping of balloons once the garland is secured in your car.
  • Can you replicate a photo of garland I sent you?
    Given the organic nature of garlands, no two garland can be made exactly the same(But we do like a good challenge -;)The colors and composition will be the same (or a close match), however the shape or the end result will never be identical to your inspiration photo. We have a certain formula in working out the amount of balloons we use - please see our Instagram page to get a feel of our style. Please note that your garlands may appear shorter or longer due to its natural curves. Garland length is measured when they lay flat and straight.
  • What are Custom Colors?
    Unfortunately not all the colors are available within our working range, so we are able to stuff 1 balloon inside another to create a new color. This system is called Double Stuffing. This Option costs extra as we use double the materials.
  • What areas do you deliver to?
    We deliver up to 70miles from 77388 for our rentals.
  • What happens after I send my rental request?
    Once we receive your order form, we will call you to confirm availability and finalize your order. After we speak with you an email with your invoice and service agreement will be emailed to you within 48 hrs. A 50% deposit and a signed service agreement is required to secure your reservation. Payment can be paid online via credit or debit card. All balances must be paid 2 days before delivery to avoid service delay or cancellation.
  • Do you have a retail store I can visit?
    Not at the moment.
  • Can you come to the event venue and tell me what I need?
    Yes, we can provide an onsite consultation for a $50 per visit. This fee is applied to your invoice when you book your event with us. You can also take pictures, video and measurements and send us the details for a phone consultation at no cost.
  • What is the delivery and return pickup fee.
    Our delivery and return pickup rate starts at $40 each. This applies to: Events within our preferred service areas, Venues with less than 4 step in stairs or access ramp. Ground level event space with less than 5 steps in stairs. Multiply story venues with access to functional freight elevator. Pickup time before 10pm on the same date of event. Events outside of service areas, multiply steps or flight of stairs or story with no access elevator or requiring pickup after 11pm will incur an additional pickup fee.
  • Do you deliver the day of an event?
    Yes, we deliver the day of and pick up within 1hour after the event. However, special circumstances may require delivery/setup the day before or return pick the day after an event.
  • Can I pickup/dropoff the rental?
    No. Most items are oversized and will not fit in a standard passenger vehicle. Our professional delivery crew are full insured and trained to lift and setup your decor in place and our delivery van is custom fitted and equipped to safely transport your items.
  • What if I damage the rental?
    The cost to repair or replace an item ranges from $200 - 1500 depending on the extent of the damage. We ask that you take special care when using rentals and maintain them in the same condition they when received in. Per the service contract You will be responsible for any damage whether caused by you, an event guest or venue staff.
  • What if I lose the rental?
    You are responsible for the replacement cost of the item. However, we do allow our customers 2 weeks to try to find the item, as it will usually reappears.
  • Do I need to clean the rental after use?
    We ask that you only remove items not provided with your rental including any excessive debris. You do not have to wipe down the equipment, this has to be done us.

Frequently Asked Question

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