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What Small Gifts Can you Put In Balloons?

What small gifts can you put in balloons? Ever wondered how to put gift inside a balloon? Would you like to know how to squeeze gifts as large as a bottle of champagne or a teddy bear through that tiny balloon neck?

What Small Gifts Can you Put In Balloons?

Small gifts tucked inside balloons offer a special surprise for young ones. The key to creating gift balloons is to use large, durable balloons with wide mouths, rather than narrow balloons better suited to crafting balloon animals.

Let's first look at the small gifts that can be put inside the balloon.

What Small Gifts Can you Put In Balloons?

What better way to make that first impression than to give a fantastic gift that will always be remembered?

Your loved one’s birthday is fast approaching, and you’ve looked high and low for that perfect birthday gift but to no avail.

Here are five effortless yet unique balloon gift ideas that you’ll wish you knew about sooner. Keep calm and keep reading!


1. Money Air Balloon

Ranking high on our list of gifts is the Money Air Balloon. This involves concealing cash in a customizable see-through air balloon perched atop an elegant flower bouquet; we think that it’s a brilliant and creative way to gift birthday money.

This is a perfect way to surprise somebody with money a on a special instead of giving money the old traditional way.

2. Snack Box Air Balloon

You cannot go wrong the Snack Box gift Air Balloon, because who could resist the temptation of delicious snacks?

Filled to the brim with yummy goodies and available in Petite, Regular and Jumbo sizes, the Snack Box Air Balloon will put a smile on even the pickiest of gift recipients.

3. Floral Air Balloon

This one is for flower lovers. The Floral Air Balloons come in an extensive range of fresh floral arrangements and color themes.

From a sweet combination of lilac carnations and pink and yellow roses to a classy fusion of cappuccino-toned roses and rustic fillers, there’s something for everyone.

4. Personalized Air Balloon

A personalized air balloon gift is a kind of gift that is not easily forgotten. It involves a helium bubble balloon filled with mini balloons. This personalized balloon is a truly fuss-free way to send someone your birthday wishes.

What’s more, the colors of the mini balloons are fully customizable. So, go ahead and pick out your giftee’s favorite colors or match them with the color theme of the birthday party.

5. Novelty Gift Hamper Air Balloon

Some gifts may be forgotten or even discarded by not being used by the recipient. So to avoid that undesirable situation, consider the Novelty Gift Hamper.

Featuring a gorgeous hamper filled with everyday items like tumblers, utensils and vanity items, the Novelty Gift Hampers make for a thoughtful yet practical gift that your recipient will definitely appreciate.


Gifts inside balloons or stuffed balloons as they are known, are a great and unique way of giving someone special a present.

Stuffed balloon gifts are great for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, children’s parties, or gifts for new babies.

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