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What is the Difference Between Mylar and Foil Balloons?

Updated: Feb 21

For ages, balloons have been a mainstay of festivities, bringing a cheerful and festive touch to a variety of events. Mylar and foil balloons have grown in popularity as alternatives to the classic rubber balloons, which are still often used to decorate occasions.

Mylar and foil balloons

These balloons with a metallic sheen have distinctive features and looks, but what makes them unique? Let explore the main distinctions between foil and Mylar balloons in this post to help you plan wisely for your upcoming event.

What are Mylar Balloons Made of?

A particular kind of polyester film called BoPET (biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate) is used to make Mylar balloons.

BoPET is a great material for helium-filled balloons since it is strong, lightweight, flexible, and has great gas and moisture barrier qualities.

Mylar balloons come in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs, and are distinguished by their shiny look.

Important Features of Mylar Balloons

Durability: Mylar balloons have a longer lifespan than conventional helium-filled rubber balloons. They can stay afloat for several days while keeping their vivid colors and form.

Personalization: Mylar balloons are ideal for themed parties and may be personalized with elaborate graphics, characters, and messages.

Helium Retention: Mylar balloons have a longer helium retention time because to their low permeability, which contributes to an extended float time.

They are Reusability: Mylar balloons may be inflated and deflated for several events, minimizing waste and costs associated with traditional rubber balloons, which are usually used once.

Foil Balloons

Another well-liked option for party décor are foil balloons. Unlike Mylar balloons, they are comprised of a thin plastic film coated in metal.

They appear shiny and reflecting as a result, which is why they are frequently utilized to improve the aesthetic appeal of celebratory events.


Important Features of Foil Balloons

Reflectivity: Foil balloons have a high reflectivity, which makes light shining on them produce striking, mirror-like effects.

Lightweight: Due to their remarkable light weight, foil balloons are simple to handle and move.

Bright Colors: The metallic coating applied to foil balloons can provide strikingly vivid and eye-catching colors.

Variety of Shape: Foil balloons are available in a multitude of shapes, ranging from the classic round and heart forms to more intricate patterns like stars, numerals, and letters.

Principal Disparities Between Mylar and Foil Balloons

After discussing the distinct qualities of foil and Mylar balloons, let's examine the main distinctions between these two well-liked options:

Material Composition: Foil balloons are formed of a thin plastic sheet coated in a metallic coating, while Mylar balloons are made of BoPET.

Durability: Mylar balloons can hold helium for a longer amount of time and are generally more resilient. Since foil balloons are frequently more brittle, handling them may call for extra caution.

Look: Due to their increased reflectivity, foil balloons have a glossier, mirror-like appearance. On the other hand, Mylar balloons might not be as reflective, but they can still look metallic.

Reusability: Foil balloons are delicate. They are more likely to be single use than Mylar balloons, which are usually reusable.

NOTE: Personalization and elaborate designs are only two of the many customization possibilities available for Mylar balloons. Though they can be customized to a limited extent, foil balloons are available in a variety of shapes and styles.

In Summary

Balloons made of foil or Mylar both have distinctive features that make them attractive options for event décor. However, they are great giants in the balloon empire.


Depending on the requirements of your celebration, such as the style, durability, and customizability possibilities you want, you can choose between the two.

While foil balloons come in a variety of designs and give amazing visual effects, Mylar balloons are the best option for individuals looking for durability and the opportunity to reuse balloons for several events.

Whatever material you choose—foil for its reflected beauty or Mylar for its adaptability—these balloons will surely bring a magical touch to any event.

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