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What do You Put in Balloons to Make Them Last Longer?

What do you put in balloons to make them last longer? Are you having a party and you’re putting in all the effort in decorating it with some colorful air-filled balloons, only to see them go flat too soon?

What do You Put in Balloons to Make Them Last Longer?

If you've ever had the disappointment of your air-filled balloons deflating faster than you'd like it to then you are lucky to come to this page. We’re going to show you how to make your balloon last long without deflating fast.

There are some easy steps that will keep your balloons flying high and looking bright for a while.

If you’re getting ready for your fun party and you want to enjoy the magic of these brightly colored orbs, sit back and relax as we show you how to make air-filled balloons last longer.

What do You Put in Balloons to Make Them Last Longer?

If you ever want your balloon to stay longer, then you’ll need to follow this instructions:

1. Fill the Balloons with a Mixture of Helium and Air

The helium will give the balloons a lift, the air helps to make them heavier and less likely to float.

This little mixture will allow the balloons to float for a longer time, especially if the balloons are being used outside.

Also, this mixture of helium and air will help keep the balloons from going off as quickly due to the added weight.

2. Tie a Knot in the Balloon Before Inflating

This simple tip will help trap the air inside; preventing it from leaking out. It will create a thicker balloon wall with more layers of protection against bursting.

Also, this is useful if the balloon is been filled with helium. The helium will be lighter than the air inside and will be more likely to escape the balloon.


3. Make Sure the Balloons are Properly Inflated

Blowing balloons with the right amount of air is a very important step in making sure your balloons last as long as possible.

Properly inflated balloons are less likely to pop up and can assist your decorations last throughout the event.

All you need to do is to fill up the balloon until it becomes larger than the shape it is meant to be. You can use the pump or a regulator to ensure the balloons are not over-inflated.

4. Use a Higher-Quality Balloon

If you’re using a High-quality balloon that is made from a thicker rubber, it makes them long-lasting and less prone to go off or deflating.

When you are using the balloons, it’s important to fill them with the right amount of air. Too much air may cause them to extend and tear.

5. Use a Sealant Spray or Hairspray

To make your balloons stay longer spray a small amount of sealant spray or hairspray product onto the outside of the balloon. This will form a safe barrier that will help stop the air from leaking out.

This keeps the balloons inflated for much longer than you expected if you filled them with air and let it be.

Hairspray has the added benefit of adding a bit of extra shine to the balloons, making them look even more vibrant and colorful.


By following the easy steps we have outlined above, you can make your air-filled balloons last longer than they should have stayed.

With proper care and handling, your balloons will surely last for days and not for hours. And if you make an extra effort, the results will be worth it.

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