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What are the Different Types of Balloon Arches?

What are the different types of balloon arches? Every event planner must have an art of experience, and one of the most visible elements you can add to your event is a balloon arch.

What are the Different Types of Balloon Arches

To know the types of balloon you can use at a party when decorating read to the end.

What Is a Balloon Arch?

A balloon arch isn’t just any arch. It is a curved structure that we use on the dance floor, head table, stage, and stadium or store entrance, and much anywhere!

There are many ways someone can create a balloon decoration. For instance, it could be balloon centerpieces, balloon bouquets, balloon arches, balloon columns, balloon drops, and other types.

A balloon arch is a collection of balloons that’s been put together on a frame or helium-filled to create an arc structure that runs over the top of a room area or an entry to make a spotlight to set a tone for the event.

Balloon arches can be set all over the doorways, across a dance floor, on top of cake tables, on a stage, or near the storefront.

What are the Different Types of Balloon Arches?

The good thing about the balloon arches is that you can make them into anything in so many ways.


Also, you can design them anyway however you want them to be. A custom balloon arch can be a unique decorative tool. Below are some types of balloon arches:

1. Standard Arch

The standard arch is definitely a classic choice. It is often seen at some events such as weddings, corporate events, and baby showers.

This balloon design comes in uniformly sized, usually stacked in sets of four and can be customized in up to four different colors.

2. Specialty Arch

What are the Different Types of Balloon Arches? The specialty arch takes hold of the standard arch to the next level by adding balloons of varying sizes, creating a unique and eye-catching effect.

However, this type of arch is popularly used for weddings and private social gatherings.

3. Frameless Arch

The frameless arch offers a high extent of adaptability. This arch can either be used as a frame for support or be entirely frameless, relying on linking balloons to maintain its shape.

It’s a flexible choice, suitable for children’s parties, large installations, and more.

4. Linked Arch

The linked arch is a helium-based design that employs special linking balloons.

This arch is particularly effective in case you want to cover large areas, such as dance floors at school events or large outdoor spaces.

5. String of Pearls Arch

This labor-intensive but highly elegant design comprises many helium-filled balloons attached to a monofilament line.

It’s good for corporate events and children’s parties, adding a touch of sophistication to any setting.

6. Illusion Arch

What are the Different Types of Balloon Arches? The illusion arch allows the appearance of an archway using a pair of inward-curving columns.

This design is especially suitable for stages, auditoriums, and venues with limited ceiling height.


Balloons are an affordable and flexible way to add a touch of magic and pure excitement to your party decor.

By putting balloon arches, balloon columns, and balloon garlands, you can create a stunning display that leaves a lasting fancy on your guests.

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