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How Do You Display Balloons at a Party?

How do you display balloons at a party? This may be one of the questions you've been asked as a decorator.

Sometimes you find it difficult to respond but right here we got you covered. Read on to get more ideas for your answers.

How Do You Display Balloons at a Party?

Parties are like a break from the sharp edges of life, therefore in planning a party it is important to choose relevant decoration ideas and also make proper use of the tools.

Having lots of balloons in a party makes it very colorful and fun, so we suggest you add balloons to your decoration plan.

11 Ways on How to Display Balloons in a Party

Below are tips on how to display balloons at a party:

1. Use a balloon pump

The first step to displaying balloons in a party is to be sure that the balloons are ready for use. In order to make the work faster.

It is advisable to use a balloon pumper to make the work easier and to avoid fatigue or passing out.

2. Surround the floor with balloons

One of the easiest options by far is to simply display balloons in the entire room/hall and let them float around the floor. This is mostly done in birthday celebrations, gender reveal parties, naming ceremonies etc.

Kids will have a blast just running through the balloons and trying to catch them. The doorway is a good placement for balloons to welcome guests with color.

Be prepared for some to pop, so not recommended for younger children who may place burst balloons in their mouths.

3. Decorate and Hang Balloons from the Ceiling

Hanging balloons from the ceiling can look just as effective as those filled with helium. Especially when it's properly decorated with colorful paints.

Feel free to grab some acrylic paint and a small paintbrush to add unique touches. Pick your accents based on the theme of the party.

Attach a curling ribbon, then stick the top of the balloon to the ceiling to make it look like it is floating. Use doubled up masking tape, removable 3M pads or Blu-Tack.

Take care removing balloons to avoid damaging the ceiling. Alternatively hang balloons from the ceiling upside down. A large cluster of balloons will look great placed over your party table.

4. Big Top

Its a floating cloud of balloons! This easy-to-make bundle of balloons will make for a great backdrop for any baby shower, birthday party, or spring celebration.

Create a big top look by hanging a cluster of balloons in the center of the ceiling, then some on the sides of the room.

5. Balloon Bunches

Using curling ribbon, tie bunches of balloons together and hang on the corners of door and window frames, mantlepiece, stairs and more.


6. Balloon Backdrop

Create a fun balloon backdrop for your party table or photo booth and red carpet areas. Simply fix balloons to your wall using Blu-Tack, Balloon stickups or removable 3M pads.

Get creative with colors to match your theme. Take care removing balloons to avoid damaging the wall.

7. Balloon sculptures/ garland

Balloon sculptures are probably the most popular decorating trend right now and are so easy to create.

Simply inflate different colored balloons to a range of different sizes and tie onto nylon or string for a stunning balloon decoration.

8. Balloon doorway

If hosting your party in a park or outside venue, you can string your garland between trees or posts. using a fishing line attached to the decorating strip.

Another option is to construct a simple stand using narrow plastic pipe spray-painted in matching colors if you’d prefer your garland to be free-standing. You could also use a board or table backdrop to attach the garland too.

9. Balloon Sticks

Balloon sticks are a quick and easy way to make balloons look like they’re “floating” without helium.

Place sticks in a tall vase for a colorful table centerpiece, then hand them out to guests when the party ends.

10. Use a Net

Filling a fishing net with balloons is the perfect option for a Mermaid, luau or beach themed party. The net can be attached to a ceiling, or vertically on a wall behind a party table.

The net can also be easily embellished with other decorations and props to add to your theme.

11. Attach a paper cone to the balloon to make an ice cream decoration

Gather a piece of brown construction paper for each balloon you inflate. Twist the paper into a cone shape, and use a stapler to secure it into place. Then, slip the string of your balloon through the cone, and reposition it over the tail end.

Place a few dots of craft glue along the top edge of the “cone” to secure it onto the balloon. Do this for each of your individual balloons to make a fun.

So in conclusion, we can attest that how to display balloons at a party won't be a big problem anymore as it is one of the easiest kinds of party decorations that can be done in less than an hour depending on the quantity of balloons available and the size of the party.

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