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Balloon Float time


Helium Balloons

Due to the nature of helium gas, we can only provide on-the-day guarantee.

Ordering helium balloons the day before will be at your own risk.

All of our latex balloons are hi-floated to extend their float time however the actual float time is very much dependent on the weather and environment in which they're stored. If your balloons go down the next day, unfortunately we are unable to provide a refund. 

The following is a guide on balloon lifetime:

  • Standard latex balloons with hi-float - 2 days in most cases (size will reduce overnight)

  • Standard confetti balloons with hi-float - 2 days in most cases (size will reduce overnight)

  • All foil balloons (giant numbers, Orbz, stars, hearts) - 3-4 days

  • Jumbo latex or confetti balloon - 3 days (tassel will reduce float time)

  • Jumbo latex balloons personalised - 1 day only as text will crinkle overnight

  • Bubble balloon - 5 days given no accidental puncture**

**The most common cause for bubble balloon's early deflation is placing the balloon against rough surfaces or sharp objects. Brickwall, chipped paint or even a crack on the wall may cause tear on the balloon. 100% of the balloons sent back to us all have a nick or scratch on them which caused leakage.

  • Balloon Garland - 

Balloon garlands are air-filled and therefore can last weeks and weeks if kept indoor. Their appearance however, will start to deteriorate after 3-5 days as in balloons will start loosing their natural shine and their volume shrink slightly. We would recommend installing your garland the night before at the earliest.

The lifetime of an outdoor garland are dependant on the weather at a given day. We would recommend installing your garland on the day of the event and assume they will only last for the day. On a very hot day some balloons may start popping. On a wet day, balloons can stick to each other and pop.

Please note that balloons will also oxidise quicker outside, due to coming in contact with air and sun, given them dull or velvety appearance. Generally balloons will loose their shine in about an hour if placed outside.

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